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Our aim has always been to produce one of the finest single origin coffees in the world.

Zeta's Coffee has represented the local coffee industry proudly for 22 years. We planted coffee in the Tweed hinterland in 1994 and have been a leader in taste and quality during that time.

The coffee is grown, using natural production systems, free of pesticides, in the green hills of the Tweed where rainfall is plentiful and the volcanic soils add an exquisite richness to the coffee. .

As artisan coffee producers we value the input of the community in our business. So, if you have considered Fairtrade coffee, why not support a local, sustainable product and stimulate the local economy.

We offer a range of products from our own Wirui Estate, a beautiful and rich single origin from our plantation along with elegant blends of local and imported beans.

I hope you will contact us and try our wonderful coffee. Orders for coffee and tours will be redirected to the Wirui Estate website. Click here for accommodation bookings

Enjoy your next coffee experience:

Because a great lifestyle deserves a great coffee.



Tours are available for individuals, small groups and corporate travellers. We also welcome coffee industry professionals to share our farm experience, and participate in workshops that are available nowhere else in Australia.

Please explore our website, or contact us to arrange your next visit. We look forward to seeing you soon.


"Click here to view Tweed Tourism, our local tourism site."

Click here to view Tweed Tourism,
our local tourism site

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